Original Photos

One of the most powerful Q Proofs is Q's many original photos posted in the past couple of years.  Anons did reverse lookups on these photos and they could not be found anywhere else on the Internet.  This means Q was the first to post them (fact).  These original and authentic photos are without a doubt from someone close to POTUS.  Q has provided photos from locations that are impossible for the average person to gain access to.  Examples of Q's photos include:

1) Pics onboard Air Force One

2) Pics of POTUS' pen

3) Pics of POTUS' notebook

4) Pics of POTUS' watch

5) Pics of POTUS' desk

6) Up-close pics of POTUS' face

7) Pics in the Oval Office

8) Real-time pics of global operations (e.g., China Op)

9) Surveillance photos from around the world

10) Security cam photos

11) Pics from other people's phones