Patriots: be cautious in your interpretations of info posted. False expectations [& push] based on 'speculation' will only weaponize those who attack us [MSM].
Why does [MSM] expend resources [daily] attempting to discredit?
Do you provide the playbook to the enemy w: specific dates?
Logical thinking.
FISA INDICTMENTS = START (public_justice)
Future proves past [events unlock].
Think CEO departures.
Think FBI departures.
Think DOJ departures.
Think State departures.
Think WH departures.
Think DIA departures.
Think Pentagon departures.
Think Senate departures.
Think House departures.
Think Amb departures.
Think IG departures.
Think Judge install.
Think SC install.
Think WH install.
Think FBI install.
Think C_A install.
Think DOJ install.
Think US ATT install.
Game theory.
If you look you can see.

Research Summary

All patriots want to see justice based upon everything that has been revealed in the past 3 years.  It's very frustrating to see these corrupt politicians, dirty cops and deep state agents going about their business with impunity and disparaging the President.  Patriots need to understand that the stage must be set before the indictments and arrests can begin.  Q has listed out all of the important house cleaning actions (swamp draining) that has been happening.  These are critical steps that must be completed to ensure that the wheels of justice, once they start rolling, will not hit any snags.  This has to be done right and "by the book" so that the end result cannot be refuted. 

Q has stated multiple times that the FISA INDICTMENTS will be the start of public justice.  This is a clear marker and until it happens patriots should not speculate on dates for the arrests/indictments.  You are harming the movement with your speculation, which the MSM picks up and uses to discredit the movement and slow down the Great Awakening.

Remember, this can never happen again to another President!  It will be done and done right.  Please be patient.