We got what we needed.
Thank you, Patriots!
Senate means everything.
Think Judges (SC) & Cabinet.
DECLAS overrides all potential House blockades.
POTUS has ultimate authority.
Shift to Senate Judiciary (oversight) from House to now occur (stronger position and held in reserve for this scenario).
Lower chamber (House) used as 2-year starter.
Upper chamber (Senate) will be used next 2-year closer.
Military planned.
No impact re: ongoing investigations
Team is stronger [PRO].

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Reposting for the day shift with a couple additions. > you are watching a movie 6 part script #1 Let's think about this. Why was winning the house important for the Dems while Q and team (POTUS included) appear to care nothing about it? > the Senate was the key How many possible outcomes are there in the election? Only 2 (excluding individual races) Either dems have control or the republicans have it. What happens if the republicans had won the house? Constitutional convention. > Full weight of the house

< This was a threat.

< Why threaten them?

< (((they))) knew what (They) were planning before Trump announced he was running for office. Just didn't know how.

< The threat kept them focused on the house races thus putting the senate on the back burner

< This gives /ourguys/ operating room and time to grow our base in preparation for midterms.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/were-surprisingly-close-to-a-new-constitutional-convention-bad-idea/2017/04/06/f6d5b76a-197d-11e7-855e-4824bbb5d748_story.html The demoncrats worst nightmare. They would have been written out of history. Quick and relatively painless.

< some took this route and suffered the consequences of their actions.

< think [no name]

< ceo resignations

< how many politicians aren't seeking re election

(((They))), however, chose the long and painful option. They thought they knew what was going on tried to counter on the fly. > these people are stupid Why are they stupid? > they never thought she would loose. Because they are working on flawed Intel They werent prepared for ANONS. They thought they could scikence us. They didn't know

< We have it all

< We have the servers


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>>3798329 #2 Since we have the MOAB We had no fear

< speculation: this is where ANONS fit into the puzzle

Winning the house would have made it easy Not necessary. The house isn't what's important to us. Why? ANONS! They didn't care about the senate because they thought they could sway public opinion (MOCKINGBIRD) and apply enough political pressure to force compliance in the senate. While they were planning on using politics to remove Trump We were focused too. > Law and order > Truth What is important about the senate? They approve presidential appointees. This allows POTUS to clean house essentially > stage set Once the house is clean > BOOM FISA declas FISA declas leads to PAIN PAIN = public trial > At some point it will not be safe for them to walk down the street. Cont…..

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>>3798332 #3 By the time they realized we had it all It was too late They tried to cut deals > no deals Plan b Kavanaugh They had to keep him off of the supreme court Why? They needed to keep control of the supreme court. Where are matters of law handled? The courts. Why would (((they))) NEED to have control of the highest court in the nation?

< If you knew you were about to be tried for treason, what court would be handy to have in your pocket?

So…… What happens when they lose the SC fight? [PANIC IN DC] Why? Now they know they are fucked. They spent all thier time and energy to win the house only to backfire in the most epic of fashion (this was our role. Cont…..

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>>3798340 #4 Plan C

< Undiscovered stars learned

What did they try to do at the end? Mad push for dem senate candidates? Oprah's out knocking doors Obama on stage sweatin, stumbling and stammering like a fucking idiot. Gillum Beto

< these people are fucking stupid

They thought a few last minute door knocks would help them win the senate while Trump's been out there packing houses stumping for key seats.

< more importantly, he has been reaching out to the darkest corners of the web to speak directly to us (the "crazy ones" that get dismissed by everyone.

< He and Q have mobilized the most powerful force on this planet

< The forgotten

< The mocked

< The out casts

< The Silent Majority

The Great Awakening. Cont…….

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>>3798345 #5 Plans a, b and c have failed. They still have [RM] [RM] protected by [RR] [RR] protected by Rachel Brand. > why was it key to remove [RB]? All protected by [SESSIONS] > Sessions recused himself. > Remains in position with no authority > A place holder for us > Saftey net for them ]Sessions[ resigns [RR]

< muh red line

They are out of options What is the last resort? Protests Riots Who funds? Anticipated. /ourguys/ are prepared. Any uprisings will be put down quickly.

< safe guards in place to protect public from primary fall out.


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>>3798349 #6 Enjoy the show anons. They are fucked and now they know it. The stage is set The time is right We WIN. GOD WINS The Great Awakening. PAIN It's been an honor my fellow patriots. Godspeed!