Players in the Game


Jeffrey Epstein
Aug 10th 2019

Jeffrey Epstein was a prolific child trafficker and sex abuser who was highly connected to the rich, powerful, and elite around the world.  Jeffrey was the owner of the infamous Epstein Island in the Caribbean aka Little Saint James aka CarisJames.  This island functioned as a sex trafficking hub and a secret meeting ground for the global cabal where they performed satanic rituals and other horrors.  Many of the rich and powerful around the world, including famous celebrities, politicians and businessmen visited Epstein's island and Jeffrey kept a detailed black book and flight logs of who visited.  When Jeffrey was arrested it sent tremors across the globe -- he knew too much and had to be eliminated.  Jeffrey was arrested on July 6th, 2019 and was being held in a high security Manhattan jailhouse.  He was found dead on August 10th, 2019 in this jailhouse.  Originally ruled a suicide, which hardly anyone believed, recent autopsy reports point to strangulation and homicide.